1000 Cal Music Run Fest


是時候從繃緊的生活中停下來,享受音樂和運動帶來的力量!首個音樂 x 運動大型戶外活動 — 奧園熱血呈獻:千卡音樂路跑・​香港站 1000Cal Music Run Fest.將運動和音樂結合,希望從不同音樂,帶動運動節奏,透過跑賽、熱血運動體驗、各類音樂表演及演唱會,令每位參加者生活帶來更強大的動力,推動都市人隨著節拍運動,築構健康生活!
3月30-31日,我們誠意邀請你與本地最強的音樂演唱會製作團隊 - 藝能製作及最受歡迎的運動文化平台 - Sportsoho一同於今年首次開放的西九文化區海濱長廊,面向中環地標,跟著各種澎湃的音樂舞動,在強而有力的節拍中渾灑汗水,以燃燒1000卡路里為目標,享受熱血的運動音樂節!
It’s time to take a break from the stressful life and enjoy the power of music and sport! Aoyuan Group presents: 1000Cal Music Run Fest., is combining the two elements and energizing people to enjoy sports through diversity of music, running race, workshops and music performances, motivating people enjoy different kinds of sports and adapt to healthy life style.
Let’s join the sports x music festival with Entertainment Impact, the strongest local music concert production team and Sportsoho Media Limited, the well-known sport media platform. Fronted the landmark of Central, let the strong rhythm of music wake your body up and burn 1000Cal in West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade!
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Let’s Burn Carnival

1000Cal Music Run Fest. 將一連兩天於西九龍海濱公園為各Calories Burners帶來精彩豐富的節目,包括運動x音樂表演、Burn Calories 挑戰站、Stay Fit美食區等;主辦單位更邀請星級嘉賓及本地音樂單位,與Calories Burners一起隨著節拍躍動,燃燒1000卡路里!更多嘉年華內容將於不日公佈,密切留意!
Wonderful programs will be prepared by 1000Cal Music Fest.! Other than sports x music performance, Burn Cal Challenge Station and Stay Fit Food Area, Celebrities and local music performers are invited to perform during the event and move with the calories burners! Further details will be shown as soon as possible, stay tune!