• Day1 獎項 Prize
    個人組 Individual
    家庭組 Family

    Day1 成績 Results
    個人組 Individual
    家庭組 Family

  • Day2 獎項 Prize
    個人組 Individual
    家庭組 Family

    Day2 成績 Results
    個人組 Individual
    家庭組 Family

  • 建議前往會場路 Suggested Route to Venue
  • 完整音樂陣容已更新!詳細表演時間表已上載至 #Letsenjoy舞台。
    The completed music performers have been updated! The timetable ha been shown in "#Letsenjoy舞台".
  • 瑜伽及健身工作坊內容豐富,活動前請留意#Letsburn攻略 內The Yoga Stage 及 The Fire Stage時間表!
    Please visit "#Letsburn攻略" to check out the schedule of workshops in The Yoga Stage and The Fire Stage before the event!
  • 出發時間 Start Time
  • 請注意:領取賽事包通知電郵已於18/3/2019發出
    Race pack pick up notice had been sent on 18th March 2019

    領取日期: 2019年3月23 - 25日 (星期六至一)
    Pick Up Date: 23rd - 25th March 2019 (Saturday to Monday)
    領取時間: 早上10時至晚上7時
    Pick Up Time: 10:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.
    領取地點: 運動版圖有限公司
    Pick Up Location: Sportsoho Media Limited
    Flat A, 1/F., Wah Mow Building, 202-204 Choi Hung Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    如仍未收到領取賽事包通知電郵的者請先檢查"垃圾郵件箱", 亦可以電郵至1000Cal@sportsoho.com與我們聯絡。
    You can check your junk mail box first. Please contact us via email 1000Cal@sportsoho.com for any enquiry.

    Participants who make the enrollment successfully on or after 16th March 2019, the race pack will be distributed on the event day.
  • 「蜘蛛媽媽」Lisa鄭麗莎帶領Infinity Fitness Gym團隊,以專業知識為大家帶來最新、最有效嘅健身訓練!
    The new and effective workshops in The Fire Stage will be taught by Lisa Cheng and her crew from Infinity Fitness Gym!
  • 音樂單位表演時間表已釋出, ToNick、野佬Yellow!、Nowheres Boys;農夫FAMA、Mirror及MastaMic,分別於3月30及31日The Mega Music Show 帶來精彩表演。
    The Music Performance Schedule has been released! ToNick, Yellow! And Nowheres Boys; FAMA, Mirror and MastaMic will perform in 30 and 31 March respectively.
  • 由世界瑜伽冠軍魏秋琪帶領星級瑜伽導師團 – YogaUP強勢加盟1000 Cal Music Run Fest.,教授5大瑜伽workshops!
    The 5 yoga workshops will be taught by YogaUP instructors, the well-known yoga crew leaded by Chaukei Ngai, the International Yoga Asana Champion!
  • 更多Cal Burn Challenge 資訊將於不日釋出,請繼續留意最新消息!
    Details of Cal Burn Challenge will be posted as soon as possible, stay tune!