HIIT High-intensity Interval Training 高強度間歇訓練

HIIT高強度間歇訓練能備受歡迎,相信與其效率及訓練成果有莫大關係! HIIT被運動科學界證明為一種打破規律的有效訓練方法,不但能助參加者有效消脂減重,避免減去肌肉,也能增強肌內耐力; 動作做得正確,將心跳提升至85%以上,便可燃燒500至600卡路里! 配合音樂節奏,高強度的訓練熱血之餘,也能非常快樂!

It’s believed that the efficiency and training results are the reasons making HIIT popular! HIIT has been proven by the sports science community as an effective training method, which helps losing weight and gaining muscular endurance. 500-600 calories can be burned when the heart rate increased to 85% or above! HIIT can also accompany with music, motivating people to train together!