The Dynamic

不需要深厚的舞蹈底子,強力的音樂節拍結合舞蹈及健身元素,幫助你快速燃燒卡路里!較為靜態的亦有瑜伽活動,輕鬆的音樂配合瑜伽可為身體減壓之餘,又可以達到燃燒卡路里的效果。 The Yoga Stage和The Fire Stage所有工作坊均配合不同節奏的音樂,為參加者帶來無窮動力。
Strong upbeat dance and fitness is the best combination for burning calories! Relaxing music with yoga can release your pressure and also achieve the effect of burning calories. Workshops at The Yoga Stage and The Fire Stage can power you up with different rhythm of music.

The Yoga Stage

The Yoga Stage一連兩日邀請知名及專業導師坐鎮,為大家帶來不同瑜伽workshop,一同迎著海風,聽著音樂,享受舒心的瑜伽運動,為身心和生活注入力量!
Well-known and professional yoga tutors are invited to share their yoga skills at The Yoga Stage. Please enjoy yoga with sea breeze and relaxing music, injecting new vitality to your body!

The Fire Stage

The Fire Stage 將帶來一連串結合強勁音樂節拍的運動體驗,讓大家感受音樂x運動的火花,激起大家的鬥志和活力,誓要令大家on fire!
Fitness workshops with strong music beats at the Fire Stage will arouse everyone’s fighting spirit, let’s on fire together!