Tabata 間歇訓練

覺得HIIT未能滿足喜愛挑戰的你?TABATA屬於高強度間歇運動,相比一般的HIIT, TABATA提升心肺能力和肌肉量的效果更好!TABATA主要靠運動後的「事後燒(after burn)」燃脂,運動完的24~48小時身體都在燃燒熱量!高強度訓練有一定難度,適合健身愛好者及運動好手!

Looking for a more challenging workout than HIIT? TABABA is a kind of high-intensity interval training which can effectively increase cardio respiratory endurance and muscle mass! TABATA mainly relies on the after burn effect after exercise to burn fat. Even if your workout has ended, your body will continue to burn calories in the next 24-48 hours! An intermediate-level training is expected, suitable for fitness enthusiasts and sports players!